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It used to take me two to three hours to fell asleep and I was waking up several times during the night. At that time I was still
breastfeeding my 18 I do believe that you are what you eat and the better the food choices, the better you feel. I had a pretty good
diet to start with, but throughout the nutrition program at Common Sense Nutrition I had a chance to make it even better, and tailor
it to my body’s needs.
I have been on this program for over 6 months now, and I can feel the difference. Even though I still have to take my supplements
to keep my stomach under control, it is much better than before, I am more energetic, I sleep better and my heart palpitations are
Raluca D.

"I was Iulia’s client for about 4 months. During this time the main focus was reducing my sugar cravings and improving my overall
body wellbeing. We reached the first goal in the first month! Now I have days in a row without eating any sweets. Overall I feel much
better since my digestion is very good now, no more gases (I still follow Iulia’s suggestion on eating gluten free), and no longer
feeling full and bloated after eating a little food.
I have learnt from Iulia how body works and how nutrition can help us to feel good and have more energy. She also helped me
with kids’ nutrition and how to educate them to make the best choices for themselves."
Anca M.

“The decision to come as a patient of Julia was an excellent one for me. I had one problem that bothered me a lot: persistent pain
on my lower left side of the abdomen that baffled my primary care physician for years and annoyed me each week. I had done
ultrasound and even a CT scan, but to no avail. There was nothing that doctors could find to explain my pain and my discomfort.
I wasn’t really informed about what a nutritionist is doing and had no idea one could help me. But one discussion with Julia opened
my eyes and I decided on the spot to sign up for a full program. I followed everything she asked me to do and I had lots of
questions. Julia was always happy to answer and explain to me everything that I was interested to know about digestion,
metabolism, nutrients, and so on. Soon I started to notice changes. Before the end of the first program I realized that my ever
present pain was gone missing for some days. I can’t say how happy and relieved I was. Now that my pain is gone I almost can’t
believe that I had it for so long. Thank you, Iulia!”
Vasile T.

“How it was before?
I initially came in to treat abdomen bloating, pain in my legs and left shoulder. I was also hypersensitive to stress and would
experience a wave of facial pain, up my back and down into my arms as well as anxiety. I went to several specialists and no one
could help me. I was put on antidepressants to treating the pain. After 3 months I felt no change and I decided to give nutrition a
How is it now?
Not only has my pain subsided, I don’t feel the wave of pain when stress occurs and my other symptoms are under control. I make
all my own meals and follow a strict diet of organic and raw foods (not processed) and I feel amazing. I have more energy, my
sleep is solid and I wake up refreshed, and my thoughts are clearer. I highly recommend this program to those who want to thrive
in all aspects of their life.”
Jamie F.

“Working with Iulia and competing a couple seasonal detoxes has help me quite a bit in gaining some control with the power sugar
seems to have over me. While following the program, I am able to better handle stress during the day and has been significant in
improving my sleep quality. Iulia has been very supportive as I strive to improve my nutrition and health.”
Sue R.

“How it was before?
I had bloating after all meals (large meals made my stomach hurt and I felt some nausea and sometimes vomited); I had
inflammation in my knees; I had low energy.
How is it now?
No bloating of stomach (unless extremely stressed @ meal time). I can eat larger meals with comfort. I feel energetic all day long
and capable to do daily tasks. I’m happier, too!”
D. Z.
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