Nutrition is the key to a healthy body and the best prevention method for most diseases. Even when sick, the
use of proper nutrients can boost your body strength and the ability to fight disease. Nutrition varies widely
throughout the world, and factors such as culture, climate, activity, and metabolism, affect one's dietary
needs. Our commitment is to help you understand your dietary needs, and how what you eat can improve
your health and energy level.

We focus on prevention. Prevention is common sense, and moderation in all things. A balanced body relies
on the following key foundations:
  •        Digestion
  •        Hydration
  •        Blood sugar balance
  •        Fats balance
  •        Mineral balance

A properly prepared, nutrient dense diet provides the ultimate key to optimal health. Weaknesses in the above
Foundations lead to degenerative health problems that plague the modern world.

Our nutrition programs are custom programs designed for each client needs. Throughout the program, we
use various methods to determine progress and evaluate the program effectiveness. Such methods include
Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), Heart Rate Variability evaluation (HRV), and client feedback forms.

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)
NRT leverages neurological reflexes in order to determine nutritional deficiencies and the means to correct
them. NRT is not used to diagnose or treat diseases, its main target is restoring body's natural ability to heal

Heart Rate Variability evaluation (HRV)
The HRV evaluation measures your fitness level and provides indication about your body ability to receive and
process the nutrients. The HRV evaluation is part of all nutrition programs we offer.

Whole Foods DETOX
We focus on two purification and weight loss programs, both based on whole foods organic supplements.
The most popular is a 21 days purification program and includes:
  •        Personalized evaluation including HRV evaluation
  •        Whole Foods supplements and Program Guide
  •        2 Nutrition consultations

We use whole foods organic supplements from all natural sources. Whole foods organic supplements are
natural, and far superior to laboratory created supplements.

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