Who We Are

We are a Bellevue, Washington nutrition practice focused on
helping clients by preventing and when necessary ameliorating
the root causes of health problems, rather than treating the

As opposed to the allopathic approach, we do not use drugs,
but rather recommend nutrition adjustments while supporting
the body needs with whole foods organic supplements.

The human body is the most advanced "machine" known to
man. Our body needs hundreds of individual ingredients in
order to function properly. For comparison, think of a car:
    Between the fuel, the oil, and few other fluids, a car
    needs less than 10 "ingredients" in order to function,
    and most of us think a car is a very complex machinery.
    Imagine how much more complex the human body is,
    given that it uses hundreds of base ingredients, It has
    the ability to transform those ingredients in substances
    needed for various functions, and to top it all off, it
    comes with a brain to "drive" itself!

At Common Sense Nutrition we look at the body as a whole, we
assess its needs, and through education and customized
nutrition programs, we help you get and stay healthy.
Common Sense Nutrition
What's New

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Stop looking for reasons to not live a healthy life! ... Cause if
you do, you will always find them! Regardless the time of the
year, a healthy life style will make you feel great!

Our customized nutrition programs and the whole foods
organic supplements we use, can help with:
General health issues:
  •        Digestive problems such as acid reflux,
                stomach  pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation
  •        Sugar cravings and diabetes
  •        Weight loss and DETOX
  •        High cholesterol and high blood pressure
  •        Hormonal imbalances in man and women
  •        Feeling unfocused and foggy
  •        Feeling tired and sluggish
  •        Headaches
  •        Allergies

Active life style, and performance sports:
  •        Living an active life, physical and mental
  •        Performance sports
Let us introduce the healthier new you...
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