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Common Sense Nutrition is a Bellevue nutrition practice that has been proudly helping customers in the
Seattle area stay healthy for many years. Our goal is to help people maximize their physical and mental
potential through education and whole foods organic supplements support.

At the heart of Common Sense Nutrition is Iulia Vlad, certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner with over 20
years medical field education. Iulia has stated her interest in healthcare at a very young age. Upon graduating
high-school, she successfully completed the 6 year Bucharest University of Medicine Carol Davila,
graduating as a Medical Doctor.

    Upon arriving to US, personal health experiences have helped Iulia understand that the
    allopathic medicine has its limitations, mostly as a result of medical disciplines' narrow view
    of the human body, with each medical specialist focusing on very specific areas, rather than
    the body as a whole. As they say: "A specialist is one that knows increasingly more and about
    increasingly less, until one knows everything about nothing".

Upon completing the medical university studies, Iulia decided to broaden her views and move toward a more
holistic approach to the health issues. This is how she learned about Nutritional Therapy, Nutrition
Response Testing (NRT), Autonomic Response Testing (ART), Acupuncture, the Weston A. Price approach
to nutrition, and many other facets that relate to the most complex being on Earth, the Human Being.

All these endeavors have been guided by recognized, and highly awarded scientists such as Dr. Dietrich
Klinghardt MD, PHD, and others.


  • University of Medicine Carol Davila (6 years)

  • Nutritional Therapy Association School (class of 2010)

  • Autonomic Response Testing Levels 1 through 3

  • Nutrition Response Testing Advanced Clinical Training (class of 2013)

  • Wu Hsing Tao School - Five Element Acupuncture (3 years)
Common Sense Nutrition
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